Doing good
well done

Why it

needs you.

And us


You have the means. We know a thing or two. Together we discover the intersection between what is important to you – and what actually makes the world a better place. You will be surprised what you can achieve with us. Fight poverty, for example. Slow down climate change. Alleviate animal suffering. Defend democracy. Reduce existential risks. Advance research. Not tomorrow. Now.

This is how

we go about it.

And lead


First we find out what kind of philanthropy reflects your personality. Then we will introduce you to various cause areas – so that you can find out which ones are particularly important to you. For these areas, we research and compare measures and recommend the organizations that have been proven to be effective. And will be even more effective through your support.

legacies.now is not a business model, It’s a change model. Profits are donated. We are neither a classical consultancy nor an agency. Maybe we are a band. With highest standards and a diverse repertoire. In search of like-minded people with whom we want to develop new material. To reach out to the world – and to change it.