Doing good
well done


we do.

And why


You want to contribute. Anything is possible, and much of it seems necessary. But how can one be sure of achieving lasting impact? Don't worry – together we'll find out how to do good well: What topics should one take a closer look at? Which measures are most effective? And finally, what are the great nonprofit organizations that truly deliver?

Why it

needs you.

And us


Together, we will develop a funding strategy that is systematically derived from who you are and what you want and that cleverly aims for what the world really needs. In other words, a strategy that works. Publicly visible or discreet. Executed by you or supported by us. One time or for life.

legacies.now is a change and not a business model. Our profits are donated. Our office is set up like a shared flat. It's a place for passionate discussions with our clients about what one could do. Like roommates discussing changes. The difference – this time we're really going to do something.